Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Hot Aunty

Hello ladies and gents, I am going to tell a story about how I fucked my mom's friends .I always call her aunt Right now I am 21 yrs old . This story happened when I was about 19 years old. My aunt was the best women for sex. My aunt was about 36 yrs old. She has the best boobs in the world. Her figure was about 44-30-36. She doesn’t have any children and her husband was in Canada working so she lived with her parents who were really old. Since I was small I always go to my aunt’s house in vacations. As usual I went down there for when I was about 19 yrs old. for a week or so When I went down there, she was so happy to see me and she gave me a hug, that’s when I felt her boobs in a different way but I knew it wasn’t right. Then we started talk about everything and for the first time she asked me about my girlfriends. I was like “I don’t have any girlfriends.” Then she said “why are u afraid of girls?” So I said “ no, but I want to be a good boy.” Then some how I changed the topic to something else but she came back to that all the time and she started to talk about sex and stuff like that. I felt so shy so I didn’t talk much and went to talk to my grandma. Since then we had attracting between us. Whenever she had chances she showed me her legs and cleavage which turned me on. Few days later her parents had to go to the temple so they left me with my aunt. I guess it was about 8 ‘o’ clock in the morning my aunt went to the bath room to take a shower. Like few ½ hour later she called me and asked me for her towel so I went to her room to get the towel for her. When I found the towel, I also found her pink panty and pink bra but I just took the towel. When I gave that to her, she said that she needs her under wears too. I was so shocked when she asked me that. Anyway I gave the under wears and I went to watch the T.V. few mints later my aunt came showing off her bra I mean I can see her brown hard nipple through her bra. I felt like I was in heaven but still I was shy and I didn’t even looked at her eyes, I just turned around started to watch the T.V but she came closed to me and sat next to me and asked “what are u doing?” I said “ nothing, just watching T.V” All of the sudden she asked me “do u like my pink bra?” I was shocked and didn’t say anything. She turned my head around and looked into my eyes and asked me the same thing again. So I said “ yes, I looks good on you.”She said “thank you, I know you will like my pink bra. Don’t u want to touch it because it is so soft like a teddy bear.” I said “ no. it is ok aunt.” So she said “ I know u want to touch it.” Then I looked into her eyes and said “ do u really want me to?” She said “ yes, I want u to touch it.” I went real close to her and touched her top part of the bra, then I just took my hand soon as possible but she hold my hand and put my hand inside of her bra where I touched her nipple for the first time. It was so good. She looked into my eyes and said “why don’t you play with it?” and she took one of her tit out of her bra. I just couldn’t control my self when I saw her tit. It was big around which had hard brown nipple. I started to play with her nipple with my finger tips. Then she was like “ please son, suck my tit for me.” so I started to play with one tit and sucked on the other tit. She was so fucking horny. She started to make some funny noises. All of the sudden she put her hand on my dick which was hard as hell. She told me to take my pants off so she can take a good look at my dick so I just unzip my pants took my dick out. When she saw my dick she opened her mouth and said “I never seen a big cock on a real young man like you.” then she gave me a French kiss. Then she lift her skirt up and opened her legs wide and said “ it is all for you son.” I was so happy to see her pussy, It was so tight with some hair on it. It looked like she never had a big dick into her pussy. I went down and kiss on her pussy. While I was doing that she said “keep your hands on my tits and play my pussy with your thong.” so I did the way she wanted me to. I started to lick her juice pussy. It tasted so good. Then she said “why don’t you put your dick into my pussy.” I was like “ok aunt I will do anything you want me to.” and I put my 8 inch dick into her pussy, started to move real slow. She said “ hmmmmmm…… ya baby give it to me.” and later on I went little bit faster and faster. She started to scream like a bitch. She was like “ I am going to come baby I am going to come” so like few second later we both came together and I let my juice in side her pussy. She hugged me so hard and said “this is one of the best day in her life.” we had fun that day. I spent my a week with my aunt and fucked her the all day because I was with her all nights but right now we talk on the phone sex. Ladies and gents thank you for reading my story. If u have any comments you can email me on specially ladies are most welcome. If u want to have any fun just mail me laides.Any unsatisfied aunt or girl from 20 yrs to35 yrs can mail me for safe sex from Islamabad and pindi


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